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Whilst the Speeduino project is completely open source in terms of hardware, software etc both the name ('Speeduino') and logo are trademarked in the USA and Australia (And potentially others). The use of either (or both) the name or logo is limited to the specific methods outlined on this page.

I encourage the adaptation of the designs and code that are included in this project, but in order to protect it from exploitation and potentially quality concerns, these restrictions on the project identity will be enforced.

Speeduino name

No unofficial boards (Eg PCBs), complete products or accessories may use the name 'Speeduino' on it's own, or combined with something like a version number, in a way that could potentially imply that it is in any way sanctioned by the project. The 'Speeduino' name maybe used, however, if it is combined with wording that indicates that the product is related to Speeduino. Permitted examples of this are:

  • 'Speeduino compatible'
  • 'Made for Speeduino'
  • 'Powered by Speeduino'

If you wish to use other, similar wording, but are unclear whether it is allowed, please contact me for clarification.

Similar to the 'Speeduino' name itself, the logo may not be used on it's own. However, additional wording may be added to make clear that the product in question (hardware/software/documentation/artwork etc) is not an official prt of the project. As with the naming, the following examples are permitted:

  • 'Speeduino Community'
  • 'Speeduino compatible'
  • 'Made for Speeduino'
  • 'Powered by Speeduino'