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The Arduino ECU project

Welcome to the Speeduino engine management project. This project aims to create a flexible, fully featured Engine Management Systems (EMS aka ECU) based on the low cost and open source Arduino platform.

For the current status of both the hardware and software development, please see the project Overview page


24/3/19 An early demonstration of the SpeedyKnock, knock controller. This was designed as a counterpart to Speeduino engine management systems, but can be used with other ECUs, or simply as a standalone unit

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17/4/18 A few people have asked what the current capacity of the IDC connector and cables are that are used on the v0.4 line of Speeduino boards. This video shows some load testing of these components and gives a safe recommended limit.

27/12/17 As a background project to the main Speeduino work, I have been working for some time on compatibility with various ARM mirocontrollers. This is a demonstration of Speeduino firmware running on a Teensy 3.5 using one of the existing boards and an adapter:

30/10/17 In 2017, Speeduino was selected as a finalist in the Hackaday Prize (https://hackaday.io/prize/). As part of this, here is the entry video for the final round:

31/12/16 Flex fuel adjustment demonstration

14/5/16 Board assembly instructional video

30/9/15 New video showing the latest firmware features as of September 2015

2/7/15 V0.4 testing boards finalised and sent for production! For full details, checkout: http://speeduino.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=88&p=1071

20/2/15 Posted a new video showing some of the current firmware features:

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