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ECU Connectors

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ECU Connector Reference

In an effort to simplify the design of new boards, this page is a reference of known ECU connector part numbers. Many times these can be difficult to find and are closely guarded by many wiring specialists who have significant price markups without supplying the manufacturer part numbers etc.

These part numbers are primarily for the ECU side. Where known, a loom side part number is also shown.



Model/s Part Number Alternative Part Numbers Notes Image
NA Miata/MX5 174917-6 2 plug 48 pin connector that covers most of the early NA models (Up to around '94)
NB(A) Miata/MX5 ('98-'01) 174518-7 3 plug 64 pin connector that covers all NB models up to '01 and some of the later NA ECUs
NB(B) Miata/MX5 ('01-'05) 1123038-2 3 plug 72 pin connector that covers all facelift NB(B) models from '01 onwards


Model/s Part Number Alternative Part Numbers Make Notes Image
Unknown 917940 (ECU) 917937 (Loom side) AMP 120 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly
Skyline RB25 (NEO) 178079 (ECU) 178073 (Loom side) AMP 104 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly
Unknown 178078 (ECU) 178080 (Loom side) AMP 88 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly

Skyline R32,R33,R34 (Excl NEO)
Silvia S13(CA18),S14(Zenki)
Infinity Q45

5174385 (ECU) 174385 (Older prt #)

177700 (Loom side)

AMP 76 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly
Silvia S13(SR20),S14(Kouki),S15 174836 (ECU) 177699 (Loom) AMP 64 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly
Unknown 174831 (ECU) 177698 (Loom) AMP 48 pin 'Impul-Mate' assembly


Model/s Part Number Alternative Part Numbers Make Notes Image
Most 99-00 1-353222-6 TE Subarus only use 96 of the 126 pins. The 3rd block of pins is not populated