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There are currently 2 families of Speeduino boards available, the v0.3 line and the v0.4 line. These boards were designed to fit 2 different use cases and serve different purposes. The v0.4 line of boards is not necessarily newer/better than the v0.3, the 2 share largely the same features and capabilities. The differences are in how these are intended to be used.

As a very rough indication, the v0.3 line is best suited for retrofitting of fuel injection. The screw terminals make it simpler to connected to a bare wiring loom The v0.4 boards are intended primarily to replace OEM ECUs and hence are designed to be simpler for connector with existing connectors

Feature Compare

v0.3 V0.4
Board Dimensions 13.8cm X 10cm 10cm X 10cm
Injector Channels 4 4
Ignition Channels 4 4
Connectors Screw terminals Single IDC40 (IDE) Connector

Screw terminals for power

Analog Inputs (Protected) TPS, Coolant, Inlet Air Temp, O2, MAP
Other outputs 4 high current low side drivers
Stepper board socket N Y
I2C (Proto area) Y Y
SPI (Proto area) Y N