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Auxillary IO Configuration

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Speeduino also supports the reading of up to 16 additional input channels. These inputs can be either Analog or Digital Pins on the Mega2560(or other mcu in use) or from a remote data aquistion device (such as The DxControl GPIO for instance) via the secondary serial port or the Canbus interface(if available).

A data channel configured here will have the raw data avilable in TunerStudio as a Gauge and will also be loggable too.

How to Use

The configuration is mainly split into two categories,

How to Configure to use a Local MCU pin

The configuration page is accessed from the Accessories drop down within TunerStudio ,select the "local Auxillary input channel configuration" option

With CAN_COMMANDS disabled

This window will be opened.

Auxillary input config

In the above image the first two channels have been configured as an local analog and a local digital input respectively.

  • Input Alias - This is a user defined Alias name (up to 20 characters) for the input channel
  • Aux Input Channel Enable - This Enables/Disables the inut channel
  • PIN - Is the pin selected(only for local options)

Input Alias

The input alias can be any ascii character name the user wishes up to 20 characters long. This can also be left as the default .

Aux input Channel Enable

Options here are

  • OFF - Channel is disabled
  • EXT/CAN - The channel is assigned to an external data source (this option is only visible if CAN_COMMANDS ar enabled in project properties.See here for further information on configuration of an external data source
  • Local_analog - Select a local analog mcu pin
  • Local_Digital - Select a local digital mcu Pin


This setting is only available for local mcu pin selections. It is the actual mcu pin name.

How to Configure to use a External Data Source

To use the Auxillary input channels for external data the Secondary IO must be enabled. See here for further information on how to do this.