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dxControl-Gears , A Gearbox Controller for Speeduino

By Darren Siepka

What is it ?

dxControl-Gears is a controller for electronically controlled Automatic gearboxes , designed to accompany Speeduino. It is a custom development of the dxControl-GPIO code .

It supports up to 32 output channels to drive solenoids and valve , 16 digital input channels ,8 analog input channels.

Future releases will have pwm input and output capability along with direct or Canbus connectivity to the Speeduino ECU.

Gearbox Configurations Available

1. A340E

2. AODE (coming soon)

3. 5R55s (coming soon)

4. TBA... Yours?

The A340E

The A340E made by Aisin Warner can be found in numerous vehicles including mitsubishi and Lexus.

It has Two shift solenoids and electric convertor lockup.

The solenoid to gearselection pattern is

               Solenoid 1       Solenoid 2
 Gear 1             on               off
 Gear 2             on               on
 Gear 3             off              on
 Gear 4             off              off


The 5R55s

Input Hardware Testing

Output Hardware Testing