BETA Miata / NX5 NA 96-97 Plug n Play Speeduino
  • BETA Miata / NX5 NA 96-97 Plug n Play Speeduino

(BETA!) Miata / MX5 NA 96-97 Plug n Play Speeduino

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THIS IS A BETA VERSION UNIT. PLEASE CONTACT PRIOR TO ORDERING! Beta program has now concluded. Production version coming shortly!

Plug and Play version of the Miata / MX5 Speeduino for MY 1996 and 1997 NA cars. It uses the wider 64-pin / 3 plug ECU connector.


Some hardware changes are required in the car for optimal running. For installation details see:

The beta units have been tested on multiple vehicles and no known faults are present, but please do keep in mind that these are a pre-production item. They will also come with things such as 3D printed faceplates rather than the anodized ones used on production units.

What's in the box (Assembled):

  • Assembled Speeduino Miata / MX5 PNP board
  • Arduino Mega loaded with firmware and base tune
  • USB cable
  • Enclosure and faceplate