Speeduino v0.4 Assembled
  • Speeduino v0.4 Assembled

Speeduino v0.4 Assembled

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An assembled V0.4 (Current v0.4.4b revision) board, including MAP sensor.

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This assembled board is physically and electrically compatible with the regular v0.4 units, but comes fully assembled and uses mostly SMD components.

Note: This item does not include an Arduino. The power terminal and IDC40 connector come with the board, but are not soldered on as some people have indicated a preference to solder power leads directly to the board itself.

For pinouts and wiring of this board, refer to: https://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/V0.4

The v0.4 boards includes the following features:

  • 4 injector channels
  • 4 Ignition outputs
  • Fully protected input channels for CLT, IAT, TPS and O2
  • Optional VR conditioner mount on crank and cam inputs
  • 4 medium current spare outputs (Eg Fuel pump, thermo fan etc)
  • MAP sensor included is the 1.5 Bar boost (0-250kPa) MPX4250
  • Proto area with multiple analog inputs, flex sensor input and digital IO broken out