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Open source from the ground up

The core values of a free and open project

We believe the best way to make a great, community driven system is to be open. Anyone is able to see and contribute to the core of Speeduino or help out in building documentation or tools.

Open Everywhere

Open source code. Open Hardware. Open documentation.

Constantly improving

New firmware versions released regularly every 1-2 months

Ultra low price

Hardware is designed to be as low cost as possible without compromising on quality or integrity

Community driven

A strong and friendly community is the basis of Speeduino's support and development

Open everywhere

Speeduino is a new way of doing engine management with a philosophy of being by a community for the community. Whilst there are many great engine management solutions out there, none of them can compete with Speeduino for openness, price or a desire to put the user first.

With open source firmware, open source hardware and fully open documentation, Speeduino is about giving users access that no other ECU manufacturer can provide. Whether you just want an out of the box solution, want to design your own custom board, or anything in between, Speeduino gives you the ability to design and install a system that best suits your needs

With over 1000 installations, Speeduino has matured into a product that meets the needs of the hobbyist and enthusiast community without adding niche features that drive up the price.