The new way of doing engine management

Ever wondered why black box, aftermarket engine management systems can cost thousands of dollars? Speeduino was born out of a desire to create a completely open, super low cost programmable engine management system without any of the proprietary secrets getting in your way.

Speeduino has been in development since 2013 and updates to both hardware and the firmware capabilities are made regularly. The Speeduino community provide support, advice and contributions to help grow the projects success no matter what your goals

DIY Friendly

Speeduino was originally built by and for tinkerers. This passion continues today with both off the shelf and DIY assembly units available.


Whether you're wanting to simply grab a unit to wire straight in or go all the way to designing your own bespoke board, the Speeduino community provides the support, documentation and backing to get you up and running


With over 1000 successful installations, Speeduino is new and emerging system, but also a proven platform that allows for confidence in new installs