For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
By dazq
Ok so have sort of got the basic spec together for the gpio, tell me what you think....
16 fet outputs with fault monitoring (currently highside drivers but could be low side )
16 digital inputs(zener protected or opto?)
8 analogue inputs(same circuit a speedys temp sensor inputs)
500k canbus (11bit)
Serial link to speeduino(if required)

The outputs are triggered by selecting an input(local or from canbus or speeduino) and state conditions eg < , > ,=, & with a hysteresis value.
Programmable via ts which also shows port states.based on a mega2560 so can be Bluetooth enabled if you desired just like speedy

No passthrough programming yet but will be added when the canbridge is finished.

Comms with ts and memory tables working with basic state testing of local digital inputs so far.
I have some screenshots of the configs in ts will post tomorrow when on the laptop
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dazq wrote:tell me what you think....
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By cx500tc
PSIG wrote:
dazq wrote:tell me what you think....
That is just...
... creepy.
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LOL... glad to provide something to invade your dreams tonight.
By dazq
Mostly through hole , but the driver components are smt.
I think to allow for a choice of high side or low side drivers the driver part might best be a seperate board?
I never thought the day would come when HE would comment on my work lol :-)
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By cx500tc
The idea of a mezzanine type thing sounds interesting to me so bear with me....

A main board with the processor and such on one level; connectors to the outside world and all, and headers to support additional boards.

The additional boards could have the drivers, and these could be some combination of high and low side, or might provide for some sort of analog/digital interfacing.

See where I'm going?

Maybe make it so this could be either or both GPIO and transmission controller. Two birds with one stone.
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If I understand dazq's outline and questions; the GPIO should be all birds with one stone. First question could be if the proposed design accomplishes that goal. Second question could be the integration method these standalone modules would use, e.g., Speeduino EFI <--> GPIO <--> Other Modules. Is that accurate focus? I am attempting to make the issues finite so other stuff can be addressed in proper order, at least for me.

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By cx500tc
From what I've gathered, GPIO is meant to be something that controls other things... obviously, but gets some data from the Speeduino ECU over CANBUS. Things like throttle position, manifold pressure, engine temp and such. Those values would be used to control other ancillaries like AC compressor / fan or whatever else.

My thoughts are to expand that a bit and have a board that can be completely stand-alone if the need arises, so would need some facilities to read sensors itself as well as having the I/O to control targets.

So, I think this should be a "shield" like the Speeduino boards are, but with its own processor on-board as well. It could then read what the Speeduino board provides for over those pins, but could also drive its own outputs or sample its own inputs independently of Speeduino. Maybe think of it like a co-processor for Speeduino which is also able to do things on its own.

In a similar vein, Speeduino may be able to be programmed to sense what this board is doing and react accordingly.
By dazq
This is good stuff :-)
So far i have outputs being programmed with <,> and = in response to local on board digital inputs setup via ts
I will add local analogue in tonight and a few other bits,Can inputs are half there.s o far it is on its own but will read speedys data. I agree speedy should be able to see the data the other way too. for example say some egt was added...
I think that all the data/actions this board performs should be available to other devices via can as a broadcast.
With regards the attachment of the output section is std headers ok? With screw terminals on the driver board for now or perhaps an atx style connector?
Is everyone ok to have a board over a board over the mega2560? I did think of using a meduino but they differ by supplier to much.
I will put some snaps of the ts page on later
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