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Triggering on one tooth is easy, but typically needs some compensation for transitions. How bad is the measured timing lag on your system? The issue with only one or few teeth is little or no predictive timing, so the engine runs timing on last known rpm, instead of current rpm of this rev. At the rate of engine accelerations, timing can have substantial error. Sometimes called transitional timing. This has been a repetitive issue in years past, and curious how yours does with predictive or compensated timing?

BTW - you missed the point in your reply, that it's not who is first, it is who's code or hardware is licensed and how (OSFW & OSHW). This is why Speeduino code does some things differently than, say, MegaSquirt, or that it had to change logos some years ago. Not violating terms sometimes requires some creative approaches, but provides opportunity to do things better in some ways. Josh and the community members here have put a lot of work into it, we appreciate you honoring that, and that's the purpose of the licensing. We are not a free R&D support service for closed-source profit models. If not meeting Speeduino terms or giving proper credit or support, you need to develop your own methods and license those. That's the point. ;) Now back to the fun.
Agree triggering on 1 tooth is easy, but having only 1 spark per revolution it is spot on (Citroen 2cv/BMW 1200). Citroën did the same in 1978 with the Citroen Visa 2 cyl. (boxer), and the first electronic ignition in a production car without distributor. sensor 45 degrees before t.d.c. just like I do. I don't do a prediction at the moment and I don't need the feel for that. Now back to Speeduino. As you have seen I made a github acount and put the schematics on there. This evening I tried to implement a MAX9926. I already have the NVC1124 (and am very seatisfied with it) but you guys don't like it, thats why I'm adding the Max 9926.

I still can't post any pictures anymore???? and Squirt4-5.JPG and Squirt4-6.JPG and Squirt4-5.JPG and Squirt4-6.JPG
So I just did a test and Yes I can upload pictures again; Yeey. So I want to explaine my development of my board sofar.
First I had a NCV1124 VR-IC but I wanted also a Max 9926 optional. But I had to do lots of concessions so I decided to delete the NCV1124 and put the Max9926 in. Suddenly I can order a Max 9926 at JLCPCB so this is another plus.
Spark and Squirt4-9.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-9.JPG (54.19 KiB) Viewed 1302 times
You can see the Max 9926 on the board here. I have two 5k resistors in 805 footprint, just like the schematic from the manufacturer.

On the other side my 24 pin connector is full now so I am in doubt to use a 32 or more pin connector. I also want to add a O2 sensor controller on the board, the space is there, but then I surely need a connector with more pins.
Spark and Squirt4-8.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-8.JPG (284.23 KiB) Viewed 1302 times
At the bottomside of the board I made a connector for a HC-6 bluetooth connector so you can connect it directly to the board, or you van connect a USB cable to it directly. You can choose between power from the board (by soldering the jumper) (needed for the HC-6 bluetooth device) or you can use the power from the laptop when a usb cable is connected.

Spark and Squirt4-7.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-7.JPG (85.46 KiB) Viewed 1302 times
Everything should be fine now, I have zero erors when checking DRC.

So the last task is to add the wideband O2 controller and probalby a bigger connector.

At the moment the board dimensions are 54mm by 56mm
Spark and Squirt4-10.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-10.JPG (89.71 KiB) Viewed 1291 times
What do you think guys???
Well it is a oneman show over here. But hey I'm having big fun develloping my board.. I love Easyeda. My board is getting on the final stretch. Everything is on the board, including a Wideband controller, again inspired by the Blitzboard.

Next week I'm going to make the board final (I hope) . Again no DRC erors, so it's looking good. The board has 4 layers b.t.w.

Here is the new schematic at Github. ... %201.0.pdf

And the pictures of the almost finished board. The dimensions of the board are still 54x56mm, so it's quit small..
Spark and Squirt4-12.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-12.JPG (124.74 KiB) Viewed 1205 times
Spark and Squirt4-11.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-11.JPG (182.43 KiB) Viewed 1205 times
Being on the final stretch just checking everything on the board.

For instance the map sensor on an old board I had lying around..
Spark and Squirt4-13.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-13.JPG (232.06 KiB) Viewed 1120 times
Also the Baro sensor, which I have also lying around from some old boards..
Spark and Squirt4-14.JPG
Spark and Squirt4-14.JPG (98.75 KiB) Viewed 1120 times
LPG2CV wrote: Mon Apr 17, 2023 8:03 pm Like you need a baro sensor in the Netherlands :D
I live in the Dutch mountains (the very south of NL).. Somehow I always feel the need for a baro correction, especially running on LPG. Comming home from my work I have to climb a steep hill on the motorway and you can see the O2 target fighting to keep it correct.. I just want to have the option to correct it.. (But maybee I'm totaly wrong and is this just in my mind).....

LPG2CV wrote: Mon Apr 17, 2023 8:03 pm glad your so close Geo :)

My attempt failed miserabley :D
Somehome I think my plan is comming together, checking and checking till I find no errors and then fingers crossed when I have ordered.. I need some test persons when Im satisfied, just like with 1-2-spark; so feel free to be a vulonteer ;) ;) ;)
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dazq wrote: Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:52 pm That's not quite true , sorry , no need for pwm pins.

The only pins that matter are the crank and can triggers and the flex fuel input.
These must be on interrupt supported pins .on the mega these choices are limited.
Hi, I search for wich arduino pins need to be PWM and find this, just want to confirm this, and can assign output pins to any pin no matther if it's PWM or not, (and if it's the same for Teensy boards) I want to test the SparkFun Teensy MicroMod board (iMXRT1062 same as in Teensy 4.1) and need to assign the pins to made custom board.
By dazq
Speedy firmware makes its own pwm for vvt,idle etc
No need to use hardware specific pwm pins.

This is the IACV wires

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