Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Mutly
I,m new to this game as I,m an old fashioned Webber guy...anyway I rebuilt my 98 Porsche Boxster 2.5cc engine & reinstalled it in the car...started first time ran like a sewing after 250 miles it has developed what sounds like a chain rattle on the over run...I have built an engine run stand to test the engine out of the car...what ecu do I need to get the show on the road.
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Mutly wrote: Sun Feb 26, 2023 12:37 pm...what ecu do I need to get the show on the road.
Welcome! This is a similar path for any user or project. Make lists first to guide the project. They will greatly improve technical decisions and how quickly you succeed. It will not take long to save a lot of time. ;)

• Basic Goals: What results will you need to call it a success? Establishing basic goals will help set the paths, and help keep you on them. This is a list of only the very minimum goals the project must accomplish. Some questions to get you thinking what they could be — Why are you doing this (carb conversion, performance, etc)? What are you expecting or need it to do? Is there a realistic budget? Is this temporary or permanent? Be as basic but specific as possible to set goals you can check-off as they are accomplished towards the end.

• Basic Requirements list: What do your goals require you have, get or do? Racing rules, certain fuel type, certain hardware wanted or needed (port or TB injectors, turbo, fuel system, coil packs, etc.)? Must it plug into an existing system, or can it be a fresh connection? What do these requirements mean you need for hardware or features? Are you locked to them, or open to options you may not be aware-of yet?

Post these basic lists in your new project thread, so everyone can grasp where you're going with all this.

• Functional Plan: Read the Wiki lightly to get a first glance of how to do those things, and begin to do a layout description and sketch drawings of your new system. A simpler version of the basic layout in the Wiki, including only the stuff you will use. As you lay it out following the Wiki descriptions and posts here, you will find things you forgot or didn't know you needed. The goal of this section is to have a specific vision and solid plan to quickly reach those listed goals, within those listed requirements.

Post progress in decisions, questions or actions. This will help others to help you with specific suggestions or answers, staying focused without going off-track and will speed the project. For example, posting a layout diagram will allow others to spot errors, missing stuff, or focused options. Better to know now than re-do it later. What crank sensor system should you use? Why? Do you need a module to use that sensor? And so on.

Now you can begin looking at the many types of ECMs that use Speeduino firmware, that include the features you must have. It doesn't matter if they can do other cool stuff; only first that they can do what you need. This will narrow to one or a few of the best choices to meet your goals. Now you can collect whatever stuff you need (including the ECM), as shown in the layout plan and … do it!

"Doing it" is where you learn the most, and most quickly, things you "didn't know you didn't know". Get to this point as simply and quickly as possible. You began with only basics, as by now you will have entirely different ideas on how you would change or add things moving forward. Most of all — have fun! 8-)
By Mutly
Thanks for showing an interest & answering my query...basicly i have my engine, on a seperate run stand, out of the car as trying to source the rattle while in the car is a nightmare...I bought an engine only loom which I can convert hopefully splicing into the engines origonal sensors...i have to check the ign. trigger...basically it,s just an engine...2 vvt,s that are just soleniods...cop,s...1 upsteam & 1 downstream narrow band lamba sensors...the rest is just the basic,s to make it run...I just want to know what ECU I need to operate these systems.
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By jonbill
Is it the case then that you're looking to Speeduino to *just* run the engine on the stand, to help you diagnose the mechanical problems?
there's NO speeduino ECU that you can just wire up and have it run, and focus on the engine mechanicals. I doubt there's any aftermarket ECU that'll do that.
The minimum would be to work out what the trigger pattern is, add wideband 02 sensor, wire up the speeduino, configure and calibrate the sensors, create the fuel and ignition maps, tune it. That's all quite hard with a poorly engine.

wouldn't it be easier to identify the engines problems by measuring everything, and finding the worn or broken part(s)?
By Mutly
The engine is NOT starts & runs like a,s at 5000 revs & you take your foot of the throttle there is a distinct noise like a chain whip...I have replaced ALL the 5 chains & guides in the engine...if I could have diagnosed the cause of the internal rattle I would not be going to all this effort to put it right...I cannot use the Porsche DME because of the immobliser built in to it...I fully understand that I will have to program the new ECU to run the engine...I,m asking what ECU, in the range available, would be capable of running this engine...crank trigger is 60/2...I have a Tec Edge wideband controller in my other car I can borrow that.
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By jonbill
To run 6 cylinders, you'll need any of the 4 or more channel speeduino ecus. But that won't be sequential for both ign and inj. Is that important to you?
Where do you live? Do you want to buy a preassembled?
By Mutly
Batch fireing both ign. & fuel is not a problem...yes I,m looking to purchase a fully built, with a pigtail harness, to suit my requirements...I live in Devon in the UK.
I have allready contacted DIY here in the Uk but they did not they will not be getting my business.
By dazq
Mutly wrote: Mon Feb 27, 2023 10:44 am Batch fireing both ign. & fuel is not a problem...yes I,m looking to purchase a fully built, with a pigtail harness, to suit my requirements...I live in Devon in the UK.
I have allready contacted DIY here in the Uk but they did not they will not be getting my business.
I'm in UK , never had issues with JAMA over at diy-efi, prompt post and very helpful.
There is an online webshop for quick and simple ordering.
By Mutly
I don,t dispute that their on line service is Ok. but when a novice like me enquires about the products on sale they may at least have the deceincy to reply...I take it your no novice...if I relent & purchase 1 of their items... which of the ECU,s they have for sale would you reccomend.
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