Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
As I have already received my n2oc board with everything to assemble it, I have decided to start the project here, since it is its place.
Today I received the plates with all the components (NO2C + VR max 9926).
now review the material to be able to start soldering components.
For this I have also bought a rotating support that I think will facilitate the assembly. Now comes one of the things that for me is one of the most complicated since I have never assembled a board from scratch, so I will start to see videos of how and in what order and position the components should be assembled.
As always I would appreciate any comments/suggestions.
thanks to everyone.

I attach some photos.
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I was finishing my soldering board almost everything (I attach photos) when without knowing how the hell it happened I gave it a cut and I have lifted two tracks from the board, together with a led, the question is, can it be fixed or do I have to go back to buy another board again??? Could you advise me what to do and how to do it, because the truth is I'm blocked... and scared and a lot of other things... unfortunately I'm very new to electronics and I can't think of how to do it or if it has touched some important clue.
Thank you
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I have searched for the plates and found your design. looking at it I think I have deduced something, but I'm not sure it can be done.
I'll give you a photo. I think you could pull a cable that goes from nº 1 to nº 1 and from nº 2 to nº 2, but I don't know if they are the correct places to solder the cables to repair this.
Captura.PNG (297.47 KiB) Viewed 6098 times
+1. No worries, and nobody will ever see it. Treat it like a modification with little jumper wires. If you don't have some jumper wire from projects, perhaps cannibalize some mic, USB or earbud wire. Something reasonably small like that, from one blob to the other. Keep going! :)
For best strength and security of fixing you are best wiring between solder pads. Tinning and soldering a wire directly onto a track usually leads to it lifting further
so that such? If I add this thermal tape to it, will it be better or worse?
ahh!! Thanks for the answers, I didn't thank you before.
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Hello, a question that arises with my injection. Due to the age of my vehicle, it has been impossible for me to find data on the injector and the coil. and there are parameters that I don't know what to put, apart from the fact that it is a single point (only one injector) and I'm lost. could you guide me a bit? that is the 1st question. I have attached a photo of where I have doubts in configuring, in case you can help me. I would like to tell you that since I did not have data on the injector I found a formula that seems to be able to calculate the flow but when I put it according to the formula it gives me an error. From the injector I can say that it is low impedance, 2 ohms, I don't know more.
According to the formula I found, it gives me two flow options: 393 or 492. But of course, if I modify squirts per engine cycle, I don't get an error, since it injects more gasoline when doing it 2 times or whatever, and I don't know what I must put. All these problems are due to being a single point and not knowing more about it. I'll keep reading in case I find it. Any kind of help is appreciated.

The second question is that I have tried to load some basic maps to carry out tests on the test bench, but having loaded the data into the arduino automatically (with the loader) I cannot find the speeduino base tune file, from my update. I did find the old one that I had before updating it automatically but the tunestudio tells me that they are different versions, and it tells me as a warning. would the old ones work? If they are not valid, where do I look for my version? since it loads them automatically and I don't know where the program has left them.
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Captura 2.PNG
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