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By stum
Hi Apollard, Thanks for that. I'll have a dig around and see what Resistors I can find in my box of bits and try that.

Iv also qot a question out there on the "duel wheel thread", to see if I can join both together (G1 & G2) and get a tdc syc pulse and use that, and not a #1 TDC (Which I currently have just using one). since its on a V6 I do not need #1 TDC , I cannot run sequential, and it has a dizzy.

By stum
Ive gone with joining G1 & G2 together (did not try a pull down resistor) and a 12/2 setting and I looks like it is a lot better, still not 100% but a good step forward.

By M.Itani
on my 7mgte it doesnt change much to run 12/2 or 12/1 because its does 2 squirts per cycle for injection(every 2 engine revolution) and its running wasted spark! the ecu does not need to know where tdc is in my case! the advantage of having only g1 or only g2 is that u get 1 signal every cycle and the ecu knows where tdc is, so later if there is update for 6 cyl support you will be able to run seq injection !!

On another question, i have my injectors setup in same pairs as my coils packs! 1-6 2-5 3-4
in OEM form the coils are 1-6 2-5 3-4 and injectors are 1-4 2-6 3-5
firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4
what is the better setup ?
By stum
Hi All,

I will try all these and report back which has resulted in the best running engine. (least/non fulse starts)

I have run out of time before my race meet this weekend.

I have a spare distributor so will allow me to try all 3 differnent combinations
- Join G1 & G2 -- Current state. trigger 12/2
- Ground unused G1 with resisteor - trigger 12 /1
- Remove unused G1 - Trigger 12/1

I will try to capture in a log and share the results.

By stum
Hi All,

No sorry I have not started yet. Had to get the truck finished and was away racing this weekend.

I had thought joining the two together (G1 & G2, with a 12/2) had made an improvement (over G2 connected, G1 floating with a 12/1), but out on the course it was as bad as the initial config.

So next week I will start again and see if I can get some data.

Just another question for any one. How would speedy handle a 12-1 pattern, it divides cleanly into 360. just a case of grinding off two teeth (opersite sides) on the 24 cam (dizzy trigger) could be a last ditch fix :)

But first I should upgrade to Dec firmware.

By apollard
Speedy can handle a 24 tooth dizzy wheel, so you don't need to grind off two teeth. Grind off one tooth and selet cam speed in trigger setup. You can run sequential with that also.
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Ok, sounds good to me . :)

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