For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
By klotzy_550
FilipW wrote:
klotzy_550 wrote:I like the look of this on the enclosure but why not just have a metal variant jetted out? The only component that really utilized the pcb aspect that I can see is the power connector. I feel that the panel would be more robust as a metal, perhaps aluminum or stainless. Either way still looks pretty awesome, and very clean.
Thanks! :) I got inspiration from this article on hackaday and also this video from mikeselectricstuff.
What would the price per panel be if you made them in metal (cut, deburred, surface treated and printed)?
Really depends on the shop doing it. I have seen people on here have reluctor wheels cut out for pretty good prices. Usually it is the first one that costs the most, if you want a copy, 4, or 8, the piece part will come down dramatically. Could do Aluminum and Anodize it yourself, or Stainless. Just a thought!
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By FilipW
Update: Revision 3 PCB is out now! :)

Following changes has been made:
The hole for the USB connector is shrunk 0.5mm per side, rev 2 had a small gap all around.
Bigger through hole for power connector, rev 2 was a bit tight.
Added polarity signs at the power connector on the silk screen.

Revision 3 is shared on oshpark

I am also selling three boards individually on ebay at cost price, is someone eager to try?
rev3_PCB.jpg (85.64 KiB) Viewed 10133 times
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By FilipW
Hello! It is time to lift this thread again :)
What has happened to this project since the last time?

* Verified that the v0.4.4C speeduino card fits
* Ordered a batch of black front panel PCBs from SeeedStudio
* Installed in the first customer project car, a Super Seven.

Hardware testers wanted!
It would be very fun if I could get some interested people here in the forum to become hardware testers for my project to get some feedback.

I have posted the project as a product on Tindie,

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By FilipW
jonbill wrote:thats nice. I'd use that when I find my next project.
Nice to hear :)
Mr_Hypnotic wrote:If my project was farther along, I would be interested in that. What connector do you suggest on the outside?
Awesome! What do you mean, outside what?
JHolland wrote:What gauge is that wire? IDC cable for power and higher current drives is not a good idea.
The flat cable is the thickest flat cable I could find, 26 AWG.
I remember Josh making a video where he discusses and demonstrates the current capability of flat cables: ... =emb_title
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By Mr_Hypnotic
FilipW wrote: Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:27 pm
Mr_Hypnotic wrote:If my project was farther along, I would be interested in that. What connector do you suggest on the outside?
Awesome! What do you mean, outside what?
Sorry for the poor use of language. ;) I was referring to the DB15 connector to connect the engine wiring to the front panel. Do you have experience with something with good reliability? I realized that it won't be weather proof and the speedy will need to be mounted in a protected area.

Do you think the ribbon cable will be able to run paired injectors? Are there any other high amp connections to be concerned with?

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