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By NickZ
I have just received version 2 of my 8 injector and 8 ignition engine simulator board.
new version
Engine simulator.
8 injector LEDs
8 Ignition LEDs
6 Output LEDs
Analog Pots : Coolant Temp, Air Temp, MAP, TPS, O2, AUX1 (Oil pressure?), AUX2 (Fuel pressure?)
Analog Pot : RPM speed
2 Input buttons to simulate Launch control etc
Easy Plug in Screw terminals.

Uses a Arduino nano and ardu-stim.
adjustable voltage output for testing trigger adapters
20201122_164003 copy.jpg
20201122_164003 copy.jpg (639.23 KiB) Viewed 1348 times
20201122_165144-copy.gif (3.61 MiB) Viewed 1346 times
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By Denny73
Hello, thank you for your reply. I really like the layout of your board. Please let me know when they are available. Is it sold as just a board, kit, or assembled??? Thanks again. 8-)
By Denny73
Awesome, I definitely want one. Thanks for the replies. Please let me know when they are available.

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