Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By Lawzracn442
Hi guys. Has anyone experienced any issues with the speeduino board overheating?
I could not find any motion of it, so I suspect no.
I’m just wanting to make sure.
I have the 0.4.3c board in the aluminum case from the BOM. (Don’t remember the name)
I am close to start installing my setup and I am considering installing a small 12v pc fan in the case as the ECU will be inside the car.
And drilling some more holes to push air through it.
Anyone have any thoughts?
By pazi88
The arduino wont heat up, but the components with to220 case might. Especially the 5v regulator. Fan is bit overkill, but heatsink(the case??) Would be nice to have.
By Lawzracn442
I was wondering about a heat sink as well.
I will share what I and up with on here.
Thanks for the input!

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