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By Jama
This is one that has been mentioned a few times over the years by myself and others.
I now have daily access to a car with this engine running Speeduino so hope I can nudge it along.
This will be the first step to getting closed loop VVT support, which is pretty key on the engine as it gains a lot.

Here are all the resources I have found

From here: ... st170.html

The Ford ST170 CAM trigger wheel.

ImageExample trigger logger image from the Ford ST170 CAM trigger.

ImageExample trigger oscilloscope from the Ford ST170.

I have attached a 2 Saleae logs of the crank and cam post VR conditioner (both are VR sensors).
One with the VVT fully advanced (100% duty), and one with it fully off (retarded).

If there are any questions or testing needed, just give me a shout.
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By Jama
From the crank/cam captures I've managed to create a Ardustim pattern.
Rather than create another fork I've attached a .csv with the data, this can be dropped in place of an existing pattern.
This is a 720 degree cycle with the VVT fully advanced, which is roughly 50 degrees.

I fed it into a Speeduino which showed the RPM perfectly, as the crank trigger is 36-1, and I could see the cam pattern using the composite logger.
I also fed it into the ME221 and I got full sync and the cam angle was what was exptected.
I'll follow up with a few more patterns with varying degrees of cam advance.
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