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By Dalenutbrown
This may be more of a tunerstudio question, or maybe specific to speeduino.
I am running a 3.6 speeduino and running without afr correction.. I have been building a pi dash to replace my gauges.
I have an afr gauge setup but want to add an additional gauge that will show target afr - measured afr. I think that would be ego correction but do not know if that will be a calculated value or a value calculated by what speedy would do if it was running afr correction.
If it is not can a gauge be created that just uses a calculation string such as target afr-afr?
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Dalenutbrown wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 5:24 pm
… I think that would be ego correction …
That's it, Dale. I use EGO_Corr as a % deviation whether it's actually correcting or not. Does that suit your goals? Alternatively, you can set-up comparative reference gauges such as this, for one idea.


EGO_Corr_gauge.png (18.31 KiB) Viewed 157 times
By Dalenutbrown
That is exactly what I needed to know thank you. I had it set up with one dial and two needles but was a bit confusing.
I have the bar gauges as you show setup but fuel pressure under the afr so they would be equal at full boost.
Thanks again.

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