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By Jakobsen

The car is started up and runs good, but my main problem is the AE function.

My VE table is tuned so the next step is tuning the AE, but i cant get the AE to activate fast enough :S

it's like when the car is stationary and i adjust the AE it's not that bad on activating, but when i drive the car its's like the ecu is filtering the signal, and the slow movements is not cought and no AE

i have experience with MegaSquirt and Vems ecu, and the AE is much easyer to adjust on the MS and Vems.

i cant get the Speeduino to react fast enough on slow movements, i have played with the Map sampling settings, changed from event average to instantanious, altered the Analog sensor filtering also, i dont have any tps filtering on and the map filtering is at 229% if i lower it the, map signal is realy unsteady and bouncy.

i change the TPS threshold to 0% it wont kick in on slow tps movements, the MS would kickin if the threshold is set low enough, and even if there is noise on the wirring also.

is this a common problem om Speeduino ? ore is this a problem with my TPS ?

The TPS % reacts fine when pressing the pedal
By Jakobsen
How i know the ve tabel is tuned ???

Well when the right ammount of fuel is set and i’am happy then It’s tuned yes.

I could also just run lambda 0.8 from 500-2000rpm from 20kpa to 100kpa, and again it would be tuned.
Sorry :) , I should probably of asked if it was on a dyno, or if you used auto tune, or logging?
By Jakobsen
Tuned on the Road with autotune and also manually, both methods used and no ae and 02 correction turned off... to get the most pure be table to tune on.

The problem is that no matter what I do, I can’t get the second to kick in at slow speeds

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