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By Xander
I've blown my C16 cap (installed with correct polarity)
Trying to start first time.
Had spark and injectors where firing.
Had trouble with fuel pressure adjustment and while adjusting my reg. C16 poped and now I have no spark?!
Could anyone let me know what C16 (and C14) is for?
Im hoping I can switch my ignition channels (I'm using 2)
To the other MOSFET driver if 1 and 2 are toast.

By Xander
Yes it's a .4 board.

Looks like it's an input filter cap as one side has continuity with 12V and the other with GND.

No clue why it's popped though.
By JHolland
Loose battery connection? if you get a load dump then the MOV won't clamp until around 43V, C16 should be 50V rated.
By Xander
Maybe repeated restarts? What would normally cause a load dump?
The MOSFET driver is also toast so that could make sense.
By JHolland
Load dump is the result of by a battery disconnect and is worse with a discharged battery. Its caused because it takes some time (up to 350ms) for the voltage regulator to react to the change in load, the maximum peak voltage on a 12V system is around 100V.

Did you build the board yourself? are you sure that C16 was the right way round? The v4 boards aren't well designed to handle surges, as well as the issue with C16, the TC4424s are only 18V plus you get 12V-14V onto the processor.

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