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By Kinetic Research
Thanks for the suggestion, I had not considered the GM V6, they do have really good outputs. I stuck with SOHC to assist packaging as the front head is very close to the passengers shoulders but the GM heads look quite compact.

The McLaren F1 was originally going to have a Honda V12 but Honda were not keen to develop it, so I get a bit of a kick out of using a Honda powerplant. The J35 engine is 122kg with oil and coolant, vs the LFX 157. Downside of twin engines is the weight penalty, so 75 kg is a big difference. The J35 with a cam grind and head porting has easily made similar power.

My budget is quite low for this project, so as I already have both engines I won't be changing spec at this stage. However the Tbox running twin engines was an idea I was originally going to install in a Mazda 787b replica. I would still like to build a racecar, but a roadcar makes more practical sense and is hopefully less lethal.
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