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ric355 wrote:
Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:28 pm
It may just need tuning. MAP is representative of torque, and you can get poor torque if timing or fuel or both are not correct. So perhaps try tuning it more first. This is best done on a hot engine with the stepper closed. You can alter the tables and watch what happens to map in real-time.
So sorry, I missed this reply when I was posting my reply. Seems we were saying the same thing. Hhahaha, thanks for the input "ric355"!

So it seems I was able to make some progress. After playing with things for a while, I remembered reading something about triggers happening at the same time as one another. After flipping the cam signal to "FALLING" edge and leaving the primary wheel at "RISING" edge, the car seems happier. I think what was happening was the cam sync trigger was happening very close to the primary trigger which was causing it to miss a tooth and throw timing off. I remembered this from old MS documents and forum raiding, and it seemed to make a difference in my setup. The timing mark seems to be a lot more stable now. Now I just need to go through the rest of the settings and figure the rest out. At this point, I need to get my WBo2 sensor installed and wired up, check coolant and finish up the wiring for the alternator regulator. After that, I think I should be ready to keep the engine running longer to tune it.


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