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By JSimpkin
Not sure where to start. Running a 6 cylinder BMW which has been turbo’d. I’ve bought a stand-alone plug and play, it’s had a couple of issues which the supplier ha solved. But have struggled to solve the issue I’m having with the rpm signal dropping around the 4-4.5k mark. Looking at the log the signal drops to 0 for a split second, every 1.5/2 seconds or so.. Making the car un drivable. I know it’s vague information, but the car drove fine on the oem ecu with no issues. Just after what to check and where to start? I believe the bmw m52 runs 60-2 trigger.
Slightly off subject also. The basemap provided seems to be miles out. I’ve had to take about 75% of fuel out around idle area just to get it to idle (all parameters have been set accordingly) and it’s still puffing abit rich. The car is that rich I’ve done 1/4 in 10miles just driving across town. But I’m scared if I kee taking more fuel out I’m gonna be at 0 on the VE table

Thanks Jordan
Hi_and welcome :)

Perhaps reinstall base map and lower required fuel may help. Not saying its a complete solution, but may help you get in the ball park. Just apply a bit of maths to what you've lowered VE by.
By JSimpkin
So where I’ve entered the engine constants and it’s given me the required fuel of 4.8, lower that number? And that in turn should lower the entire VE table?
By JSimpkin
I could t find exact dead times for my injectors, I could only find 630cc on the same injector, mine are 650cc. Me and a friend had a fiddle for 5hrs. We removed some fuel within the “required fuel” from 4.8 to 3.6ms and lower done it’s much better. At 4k it hesitates and splutters like mad. We seemed to have fixed the rpm signal, the logs look a tiny bit “noises” and the wideband AFR gauge has a mind of its own so can even use that to see if fuelling is correct.. I’ve been having issues with this ecu since the start of January.. I tried adding a little fuel higher in the VE table, and seemed a little better... but something is still breaking up and causing a hesitation and the occasion popping and banging.
By pazi88
Vr or hall sensor? If vr, have you checked that the polarity is correct? Also 60-2 tends to require smaller crank signal filter cap to be able rev. the engine high enough. Like 1nF instead of speeduino default 10nF.

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