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By turboxe
Have come across a small problem , car is a peugeot 306 xu7jp4 eng
crank trigger 60-2 114degrees rising edge
have rpmon screen while cranking, and have signal to ignitor in test mode but while cranking i have injector pulse but no igntion.
Running a dual j121 in waste spark mode going to low.
I have also noticed that RESET LOCK OFF is red on the bottom of screen not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Thank in advance

Ideally need a log so while cranking can see what is and isn't actually happening.

Also any reason you are running such old firmware?

Also what board are you using? Have you selected the correct board layout?

What coils/ignitor setup are you using?

Cranking dwell is shorter than running dwell??

That definitely isn't correct...

You also appear to have no voltage correction for ignition dwell either???

More issues.... Turn off your AFR/O2 sensor. You don't want it to interfere with tuning until your tune is finished.

What the??? Cranking advance of 71 degreesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen this many crank deg before.

If he has a 90 deg between cylinders and has about 19 deg adv and you are off by one out put channel
That would equal your 71 deg.

I think my deg math is right???

This can also create other issues like injector timing being off.

This may not be the issue but the math in deg kinda points in that direction.

Have a look and have fun.

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