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By theonewithin
You can run with just a VR. It's not an issue. The Speedy can't see any difference between a Hall or a conditioned VR signal. Both produce a square waveform.

It will be a couple of issues.

1. Conditioner is dead.

2. Jumpers wrong.

3. VR sensor faulty.

4. Mega faulty.

5. Incorrect setup of Speedy (post your tune and a copy of log while cranking).

6. Wiring issues so signal doesn't get to Speedy

7. Faulty PCB soldering/components etc.
By Bmwe21m50turbo
Thanks it was all due an incorrect jumper. Rpm works fine. :oops:

So today i decided to setup my ignition system but i got a little confused about the going high and low.

Tunerstudio says the correct setting is usually the opposite of megasquirt and i use a 4 channel ignition trigger like the bosch 211. These modules need the setting inverted again? Or is this only depending by the transistors in the speeduino/megasquirt?

I guess the 4channel ignition controller ignites when no signal and charges the coil when it sees the 5v from speeduino? I had it set like this.

Anyway i had spark and the engine fired but fried the ignition control module when i tried to set the base timing. It got quite hot and now there is no spark anymore.

Speeduino signal looks fine so i think only the module is damaged but i how can i fix this problem. Maybe it’s the dwell timing in my tune?

I use a bosch 90492255 coil with about 3 ms dwell timing if I remember correctly.
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Bmwe21m50turbo wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:33 am
… i use a 4 channel ignition trigger like the bosch 211. …

I guess the 4channel ignition controller ignites when no signal and charges the coil when it sees the 5v from speeduino?
Correct. The 211 needs a high signal (5V) to turn the internal driver transistors on, allowing power to flow from the coil to ground. Low signal (0V) turns the transistor off, stopping power flow. High signal from the ECM to the 211 in order to dwell the coil, and signal going low in order fire it.

You are also correct that it is the ECM circuit that determines whether the setting is going high or low, and MS inverts their signals, requiring you to invert the settings. MS has some good info for EFI, but setup info is different, and can be very confusing. I would try to avoid MS info for setup. Also, the modules can become very warm, but should not burn if the settings are correct for your coil type and voltage, and the coil driver module is mounted on a good heat sink surface.

By Bmwe21m50turbo
Thanks for your reply, got it running quite ok and no more burning ignition modules. 😅

But now my next problem. I use a 60-2 and bosch vr sensor and this gives me a signal to about 3300 rpm. After that the rpm gauge goes to zero.

I started searching and found quite a few problems with this setup so now I’m wondering if I should remove c24 (0.1uf capaciror i think) on the board as suggested by someone. And I think my Ua4c board layout is different than his v0.4 or are these all the same?

I rather not use my solder skills on the tiny smd components on the board.

I think I’m going to try a few 10k resistors at first in series and paralel as shunt.

Idle tooth data logging looks ok 1 long bar but with higher rpm multiple bars appear.

To be honest this is a bit over my head and I really need a scope to determine the problem but I don’t have one.
By Bmwe21m50turbo
I soldered a 10k ohm resistor in series on the vr+, seems to rev fine now. Engine runs good with a little fiddling around.

Now it’s time to start tuning, I tried to set my base timing as accurate as possible but it’s hard to see how the marks on my engine with my 60-2 wheel and I think it is still a little off because the engine seems to like quite some advance. So apart from that and that it still runs quite rich it seems to have some power and the turbo spools nice :twisted:
By Bmwe21m50turbo
Hi all,

I said earlier that i could rev it to the limiter but i was wrong, so i decided to remove c24 from the board but it made thing worse. same problem lower rpm.

after searching i found a post from pazi88 about swapping the capacitor from a 10K ohm to a 1 K ohm resistor if i remember right. Is it possible to try this in the wiring of the vr sensor instead of soldering on the board?

after some more thinking I realised i dont know what kind of spark plugs i have in the engine.(resistor/non resisitor)
I guess i got non resistors right now so i wonder if this contributes to the problem?

But there is good news also, i kinda got it tuned and it rips! actually it rips so hard my differential mount broke and my driveshaft got destroyed but hey, thats a good excuse to overhaul the rear axle. :mrgreen:



And i made an exhaust which is still way to loud.


Also got a other set of wheels.


Also started a big brake upgrade because the original brakes werent enough :lol:
If i got the brakes done and the car driving then i think it is time to give it to the tuner and hope it all holds up.

If so maybe this summer this car is going to humiliate some porche's at the Nurburgring. 8-)
By Vauhtivaunu
Resistor plugs always when using EFI. This is common mistake with old engines that are swapped or modified. And if cop or wasted spark minimum resistance is 5kohm in my experience. I´ve done 15 years different aftermarket ecu-swaps.

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