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By JHolland
Check the supply voltages are present using the programmer software. Is the board powered or are you trying to power it through the PICKit3?
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By Bleeker
I tried programming in circuit and also on a bread board.
Played around with all different kinds of settings, but nothing helped.

In the Video above the guy says it should show serial no. “default_pk3” for PICkit clones, but in my case it actually shows a serial no. not sure if this makes a difference.

I spend a lot of time googling this issue and it seems like the PICkit3 causes much more issues than the Version 2 but I found no solution for my problem.

When I measure the voltage directly on the PIC, should it always show some voltage when the PICkit is connected or just during programming?

Currently I´m thinking about buying a PICkit2 or just stop wasting my time and scrap that stuff ;)
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