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By chaoschris
Hello Josh,
where do i have to change code for my own hardware design?
I've seen that i have to add a new section in utils.ino. Are there any other places to add/modify the code?
Hardware is a CPU-Plugin for a Bosch Motronic, similar to the picture in the attachment.
Best regards,
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I'm guessing by appearance it's an ATMega adapted with two (MAP and Baro) pressure sensors into a Bosch ECM. If so, this follows my comments from a few months ago about using existing in/outputs and simply inserting a different brain. All the interface circuits were established long ago in systems like the Motronic, and a processor that is configurable without 'hacking' is the missing link. If that's what I'm looking at - then kudos, Chris! I'll defer to Josh to answer your questions - but tell us more.
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By chaoschris
>>I'm guessing by appearance it's an ATMega
@David: It is not. This is a older design with a CPU which name i will not reveal.... :mrgreen:
The chosen Motronic is a 2.8.1 with 6 injectors and 3 ignition outputs.
The speeduino plugin will look a bit different. The PCBs are on the way from china and a preview of them is added in the attachment. This is only a test, the next version will have a isp and bluetooth on the EPROM socket.
Best regards,
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By noisymime
Hey Chris, that's a really nifty looking project you've got going on!

You've got it right that utils.ino is the main spot you need to modify, though there is 1 other. You need to add an entry into the speeduino.ini file so that TunerStudio presents your board as an option. In that file, search for pinLayout and you should find the line easy enough.

Just to be clear though, that dynamic board system is for allowing different pin layouts, but always still on a Mega 2560. If you're using a different CPU, the rest of the code won't just work as it is written specifically around that micro.
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By chaoschris
Hi Josh,
thanks for your quick answer, i will test it the following weekend.
I think I wasn't expressing me clear, this new project is a side-project of the ECU showing in my first post. This one has another automotive CPU and is already running on the bench and waiting for a real test in a car.
In the new project is of course a Atmega2560 and i can easily eat the fruits of really hard work in reverse-engineering the motronic (without having any schematics or datasheets :shock: )
Best regards,
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By chaoschris
Hello Cristian,
there wasn't many time the last weeks for fiddling with this new toy. At the moment the CPU-Plugin is in working state, but needs some final testing.
The main functions seems to be in a working state, i've tested the input sensors, Bootloader and uploading the Firmware via Arduino IDE is working fine. Tunerstudio goes online without any problems. So there is some testing left and i have to make a new Bluetooth-Board for the EPROM-Socket.
Three pics of the actual state you can see in the attachment.
Best regards,
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