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By exvils
NickZ: if you could that would be great, could be mine start point with my m40b18 (e34) project
Like in 2 weeks i will tune that M44b19 so it could be upload to github from here, also that M44B19 now works great with swapped pins in connector - only few needles are needed to do that

I need help now with something else xD With new update we got VSS support and in future there will be also rotational idle, for now I want to ask on which pin i should wire up VSS? (ver1.4 of board) can it be done on dme connector or will it only work with Flex fuel input on back? Sorry i haven't looked in to fw in last release yet, but i am hyped for new functions. :D
By pazi88
NickZ wrote:
Thu May 21, 2020 9:55 pm
I do have a good fully working tune for the M43 as i have one as a daily, its setup for sequential. It is for one of my boards so the PIN configuration isn't the same, but tune is "almost" spot on (BUT NO guarantee. It could blow up your engine) :o .
Please do PR of that base tune. I can change the pin mapping to correct one.

About the VSS input, the m52 PnP rev2.1 already includes it. It goes to pin3 in that. I couldn't fit that to this bosch motronic one, but you should be able to add it externally using for example flex fuel input. The VSS signal from instrument cluster in these BMWs is 12v square wave so it needs voltage divider to convert it to 5v square wave. For example how I have in the m52 version:
VSS.png (17.09 KiB) Viewed 1397 times
If you do this to the flex fuel input, the D2 zener diode is not necessary in rev 2.1 PCB because it's already clamped at the PCB. For older ones it's recommended. And the R61 2.49k pull-up resistor needs to be removed from the flexfuel input in anycase.
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By exvils
Current tune from M44b19, i didnt tune it yet but friend of mine is driving on it - so its startup-like tune. (ps- Disa is deleted from car so its not in tune, should be on D30 according to pin mapping)
(ps2- for wiring up stock m44 hall sensor i have jumper 31 set to 1-2 which takes cam signal from pin17, but tune is set to semi-sequential for now)
EDIT: its nice that i can still edit this post, finally tuned but still on semi-seq. This tune is in attachment as 2020-06-13
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By Swefos
Are the injectors connected in the right order for 4-cyl (M43) sequential use?
Maybe i'm wrong but should for example injector 2 wire be connected to injector 1?
Code: Select all
speeduino	ecu pin		injector
1 		3		2 -> 1
2 		32		1 -> 3
3 		31		3 -> 4
4 		4		4 -> 2
By kocene
Hey everyone, got a little problem. My injectors are not opening.

I have spark, I have fuel pressure at the rail, just the injectors are not doing what they are supposed to do. When the key is in 2nd position, they are receiving voltage as they should and when I manually ground them they do open so I know they are good. CPS is brand new from bmw. PCB is version 2.0, m50NV configuration. Jumpers are good, mofsets seem to be good, VR conditioner is facing the right direction... I am using software version 201911 with base tune made by pazzi. I am not really sure where I went wrong. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Video from cranking (little shaky but you can kinda see that the leds for injectors are not lightning up) : https://youtu.be/fAuqJl0TuMY

Also my board: Image
By Vauhtivaunu
kocene wrote:
Mon Jul 27, 2020 5:38 pm
I am using software version 201911
This is the problem. With PCB 2.x -> only 2020/05 and newer will work. Also you should solder IC3 and all mosfets (Q1-Q10) in place. Also you can´t use speedyloader since minor tweaks must be done right to code:


#if defined(__AVR_ATmega1280__) || defined(__AVR_ATmega2560__) || defined(__AVR_ATmega2561__)
#define LED_BUILTIN 13
#define CORE_AVR
#define BOARD_H "board_avr2560.h"
#define INJ_CHANNELS 6
#define IGN_CHANNELS 3

Then use Arduino IDE or similar to load code.

Soldered one of 2.1 PCB´s two weeks ago and turbo M50B25 started flawless right ahead.
By pazi88
With 2.0 it's possible to use FW versions before 202005 with proper jumpers and components. Which is removed for rev 2.1 because there isn't really need for that option, because selection between batch and sequential can be done in TS with 202005 FW.

But looks like the PCB is assembled so that older FW can be used. Do the injector leds work in HW test mode? Don't use it in car. Give +12v to the board at bench and see if leds work. Also does the TS so correct voltage readings?
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