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Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By subzero
Need new wideband sensor
Clean house p wiring testing idle
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By subzero
Today after all complication i restarted the tune
Noe idle speed is much better have better responce
And acceleratin respond better with lamda fluctuate beetween 14.3 on idle and 14.7 on cruise
My injector dead time wotk ok at 1.3 ms i have same afr at the same rpm beetween 2 and 4 squirts
I think i go for 4 squirts
By subzero
used original ecu to control idle
now i have 1000 rpm stable idle
i found that original tps change the advance map on idle open throttle
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By subzero
Backordered lsu 4.9 and 4 440cc greengiant oem injectors from china
Someone tested the china oem injectors?
Is good? My previous injectors 3 are ok after cleaning the fourth one has 12 percent less flow @3 bar
I think is beter to try china oem.4 new bosch costs 70 euro each
By rallikuski
I think there is a reason why OEM bosch costs 70$ for each... What i read and searched any china injectors seems "not so good quality"...
By subzero
ordered 4 original bosch injectors 440 cc
o2 sensor is on the way
ordered automotive tube various sizes
plus ordered scg ecu v1 pcb and parts to move on coolest 51 pin ecu box

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