For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
THIS IS WILDLY OUT OF DATE. PLEASE VISIT THE WEB-STORE FOR CURRENT PRODUCTS AND PRICING Feel free to contact me through the forum, slack, facebook (Weaver Markel) or email (turboedge at my website <<Sorry trying to confuse the bots.

Hi Guys (and Gals),

I have for sale the NO2C boards and component kits I have been working on. These are the v0.2.2. I don't have any v0.1.1, but if there is interest I can get some, pricing would be the same. If you need a BOM, want to have them manufactured yourself, or want to modify the design, the files are available here: More about what the heck a NO2C is here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1104 and here:

I also have official Speeduino boards.
PCB blank v0.3.6
PCB blank v0.4.3c
PCB blank VR v3
0.4.x kits, 0.3.x kits. Kits include MPX4250AP MAP sensor.
Assembled units are built to order.

ULN2003 chips can be added to your 0.4.x kit
MAP sensors included in the kits can be swtiched to 115kpa or 400kpa for a small up-charge.
Allegro ATS616 hall effect sensor
Arduino MEGA 2560 (aftermarket)
Stepper driver DRV8825 (aftermarket)
Hammond enclosure for 0.4.x boards
ST04 Screw terminal adapter plate for Hammond enclosure and 0.4.x boards, includes ribbon cable
Assembled single signal conditioner or SSC, includes diagnostic LED
DSC--Dual Signal Conditioner, with diagnostic LEDs
MiniMAX-A2--MAX9926 based two channel signal conditioner with diagnostic LEDs

All components are in stock unless noted otherwise. Blank PCBs usually ship same day, kits next day, and assembled units within two days. The USPS can usually get your stuff to you within 2-5 (international varies wildly and can be much more) days depending on service, location, and random post office anomalies. All components are authentic, except where marked aftermarket. The components are packaged separately with stickers that have quantity, description and reference numbers for easy assembly.

Items can ship via DHL upon request.

Thanks for looking!
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AyobamiFakunle wrote: Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:48 pm Your assembled NO2C will have the VR conditioner or not? And do you sell kits for the speeduino boards too? Just Weighing the options
Sorry none of the boards have a VR included with them it is optional. Also, I do not have assembled VR boards available, just bare PCBs, though I could provide the components, my SMD skills are not good enough to sell 😞. I do not have kits for the official Speeduino boards listed because the capacitors I currently have are not the correct pitch and require some manipulation to make them fit. I do have plans to offer 0.4.x kits though, $75 for first kit $60 for additional kits on the same order.

Thanks for your interest! Weaver
turboedge wrote: Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:45 pm
apollard wrote: Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:04 pm About half way through assemling mine, but will be travelingbto europe for two weeks on business. That work thing keeps interfering...
If my work took me to Europe I don’t think I would complain. :D
Could be worse pkaces for sure. Mostly meetings, but a few days to do some sight seeing
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