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By andymcg
Has there been any progression on this? I am looking to use speeduino for my k series. is it possible to run using standard sensor and flywheel rather than fitting a 36-1 wheel? I have the 0.4.3 board with vr conditioner
By dazq
Not heard anything :-( perhaps you could put in another request on git for the feature!
By Dziku
Any progres? Is it posible to run vvc with vvt output? Theoreticaly it should work if we add cam trigger, and know the specs of the valve...
By miker
I'm going to have a watch of the video on making trigger patters again. If it makes sense I may have a play.
By dazq
Have a search on the Facebook group.
Someone did write a working mems decoder a while back but never submitted a pr for it via GitHub.
It may save some time rather than starting from scratch.
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