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By dazq
the rover MEMs trigger pattern is like this(extract from manual)
32 poles spaced at 10 degree intervals, with 4 missing poles,at 30, 60,210 and 250 degrees.

i dont think our generic decoder will do this one ?
The MEMs was fitted to a lot of rover engines , 4cyl to V8

i have one for testing with its oem ecu in the car and would like to speedy it (im sampling the signals to the gearboc tcu as well before removing the oem engine ecu).

Could we do this??
By dazq
noisymime wrote:
Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:24 pm
Github issue created to track this: https://github.com/noisymime/speeduino/issues/101
i added some further information about the trigger setup
the two pdf explan the crank pattern and the cam pattern(sorry couldnt export both pages together)
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can you confirm the differend degrees MEMS3 should have compared to MEMS 1.9 and 2J? shifted by 50°?
By dazq
here are the extracts for mems 1.9 and 2.
This data is taken from the rover factory workshop manual
they all have 32 teeth 10degrees apart
mems 1.9 missing are at 0 ,120, 180, 310
mems 2.0 missing are at 30, 60, 210, 250
and mems3 missing are at 80, 110, 260, 300 , note this says those are to the crank sensor whic is at 55deg BTDC

mine is mems3 type....
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that's the problem, i have the same RAVE handbooks. but i know for sure the data is not quite accurate. the pattern they name for MEMS 1.9 is mostly wrong. that was the one used with MEMS 1.6 and immobilizer. i've heard that this pattern was used with some early 1100ccm K-series engines and MEMS 1.9. but then they start to use the same trigger pattern as discribed with MEMS2J in all engines. and as the trigger pattern was cut right into the flywheel and no longer was a pressed in piece of metal, and there is only one flywheel available to buy, so it is the same for e.g. the MGF solid cam with MEMS1.9, and the VVC with MEMS2J, i think there is an error in the handbooks.
so i think there could be an error with the MEMS3 trigger, too. maybe. but i have never seen a MEMS3 flywheel to verify.

do you have one to look at?
By dazq
My engine should be mems3 , i am taking the engine out of the donor car soon so will take a picture of the flywheel when I do.
I have another flywheel but I'm not sure what management that engine had fitted.
Need to get this sorted so I can delete the OEM ECU.
Typical rover to make a mess of the data records, and more importantly change the whole trigger pattern in the first place!
By garybee
I have just joined the site after reading about speeduino over christmas. I'm very interested in installing this on a MEMS3 K-series engine in a Caterham.

I have a number of MEMS3 flywheels in my workshop at the moment including one from a 1600 Caterham and one from a 1.8VVC MG ZR. These appear to have the same pattern, I'll take pictures tomorrow so I can post them up here.

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