For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
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By La Team Prep
Hello everyone,

First of I would like to thanks @purplelightning and @PSIG there contributions and suggestions!

This project is aiming for motorcycle & GoKart universe, with a couple of chalenges but yet pin to pin compatible with the stock ECU. Since it is possible to do almost anything with TunerStudio MS the MAP should not be to difficult to setup! So feel free to participate with constructive ideas and suggestions. I will be soon shipping 4 Fully working PCBs to owners willing to try, for feedbacks or even tune amelioration. All details will be available on a dedicated Github channel soon! So sit back, relax and participate. Thanks in advance
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By La Team Prep
purplelightning wrote: Mon Jul 08, 2024 11:06 pm Exciting. I forgot to ask, are you designing around the MEGA or STM32? I have all the hardware here to test except an ECU.
Though the STM32 might seem faster and more robust, the Atmega2560 is way sufficient and up to the task! With less issue and design proof! So that's what I use!

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