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By threshold
Hello everyone,

I'm Threshold, an enthusiastic newcomer to the world of scooter tuning and technology. Although I am just starting out, I am determined to make my dream come true: to control my Minarelli RC-One engine as much as possible with sensors in a Speeduino project.

My fascination with scooters has driven me to take this ambitious step, even though I don't have much experience in this field yet. I am here to learn, grow, and experience the challenges and successes of this exciting project together with you all.

I hope you can help me with tips, advice, and your own experiences so that I can gradually expand my knowledge and achieve my dream. Whether you are a seasoned tuner or, like me, just starting your adventure, I believe we can inspire and support each other.

Additionally, I am using ChatGPT to assist me in this journey, helping me gather information, translate and understand complex topics. I am thrilled to be part of this community and look forward to talking with you and learning from you!

Best regards,


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By threshold
Dear forum members,

I would like to share my recent exploration of engine tuning and technical adjustments, specifically focused on two-stroke engines. My goal is to develop a deep understanding of the various factors that influence the performance and efficiency of these engines.

During my research, I delved into the role and operation of sensors such as the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. This sensor plays a crucial role in measuring the amount of air entering the engine, which is essential for accurately tuning the air-fuel mixture. Properly installing, calibrating, and tuning the MAF sensor is vital for optimal engine performance.

Additionally, I explored adjusting ignition timing in two-stroke engines. Precisely tuning ignition timing can optimize the combustion of the air-fuel mixture. This can lead to improved power delivery, fuel efficiency, and engine responsiveness. Adjusting ignition timing is a technical challenge that requires considerations such as engine load, fuel quality, and ignition point.

Another fascinating aspect of my research was understanding resonance in exhaust systems and designing an exhaust for optimal performance. Resonance can be utilized to optimize gas flow and thereby enhance engine performance. Designing an exhaust system requires a thorough understanding of acoustics, fluid dynamics, and specific engine parameters.

Lastly, I examined the impact of fuel choice and quality on two-stroke engines. Using high-quality fuels, such as high-octane race fuels, can offer significant benefits in terms of power, reliability, and engine longevity. Optimizing the air-fuel mixture and preventing detonation are essential considerations in tuning two-stroke engines.

I am eager to hear your insights and experiences on these technical topics. If any members would like to share more or have questions, I am open to further discussion and knowledge exchange.

Best regards,

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Worth noting that Speeduino does not support MAF. You will be using MAP, so I would do some research on this. MAF is more suited for OEM situations where emissions are of concern.

As your text hinted. Two strokes (Especially pipe tuned) are tricky to tune for EFI because of reversion of gases and huge, sudden change in fuel demand when they hit the RPM that the pipe has full effect. Oxygen "poisoning" due to this reversion makes AFR/Lambda readings more of a "note what works well" vs a tool to tune the engine itself.

Pipe design itself is an art that take years of experience. If the engine is not pipe tuned, leave it as is. If it has a pipe, stick with it.

Ignition timing will be the easiest part. It's the injection timing will be more tricky in a way that's not an issue with a four stroke. Four strokes will work OK with "loose" injection timing. Injector position is also a factor for two strokes. There's transfer port injection (Look up KTM's system), "traditional" throttle body injection and a hybrid of the two. Crankcase injection has been tried but dropped by OEMs (I think)

To clarify: high octane fuels have zero bearing on performance by themselves. Other changes to the engine need to be made.

It seems ChatGPT is leading you astray a bit. Recommend you start Speeduino Wiki so that you have a shorter path to success for your project. it will cover the main points of EFI at the high level, as well as how you can implement it specifically with Speeduino. Then you can focus in the unique challenges of making it work with two strokes.
By threshold
Thank you very much for the helpful information; it provides new insights and challenges.

At the moment, there is only a crankcase, which was purchased with the idea that everything around it needs to be built with modifications. The goal of switching to injection certainly brings significant challenges, but that also makes it very enjoyable. Personally, I prefer throttle body injection. The cylinders are expensive, and I am not financially able to test multiple designs. Of course, I will likely seize a cylinder and incur costs, but I want to minimize that.

I will absorb the knowledge from the Wiki and work from there. ChatGPT is great for general knowledge, but I am aware that I only see it as an introduction to quickly gather basic information.

I have seen that you are involved in various topics that align with my project and look forward to future knowledge sharing and experiences.
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threshold wrote: Sat Jul 13, 2024 7:37 pmOf course, I will likely seize a cylinder and incur costs, but I want to minimize that.
Then you want to grasp concepts and principles of tuning. Other than mechanical causes such as over-revving or lack of lubrication, the sources of seizures are in tuning. If a reasonable amount of air, and reasonable amount of fuel are injected, and ignited with a reasonable spark at reasonable crank angle - seizures would be extremely rare. I'd like to say never, but I never say never. :lol:

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