Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
The following is a list of the smallest fuel pumps I have found that are commonly available. Some specs are lacking unfortunately (ie cc\models vs actual flow rate), but you can somewhat gauge the suitability for your project based on the application it's used for. If nothing else you'll probably find it to be a good starting point. All of the pressure regulators are the "standard" 300kpa (43.5PSI). Displacement ranges are for four strokes of course and I will update the topic as new information pops up.
FuelPumpTable.png (12.34 KiB) Viewed 321 times
PWM fuel pressure control will reduce power consumption and remove the need for a return line. PWM fuel pressure control not implemented in Speeduino currently, so you could either develop it, or buy this module from Madhu:
Ugh, just realized I can't edit my original post. Does anyone know what the criteria are to add\edit on the wiki?
Anyway while I'm here, I've updated the grid to sort by (Presumed) pump flow rates. If there's a way I cn to a grid so people can copy\paste the P/Ns that would be good.
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Also a photo of various internal pumps and the motocycle models they belong to, something you could maybe eyeball.
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