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By rallikuski
It is possible now connect VSS signal to RPM2 input trought vr conditioner at 202402 firmware?
So how to wire RPM2 input?
I have 12v square wave signal from speedo.
I allready tried to put that signal to RPM2 input and changed VSS input pin from "board default" to "pin18" from tunerstudio and there is nothing happening...
Do i need to wire RPM2 negative fron conditioner to earth too? I tried that too and nothing happened :shock:

Sorry foor noob questions :oops:
By sparkness
you will need to have the pull up resistor in place if using a 3 wire hall effect type sensor
hall pullup.png
hall pullup.png (55.5 KiB) Viewed 221 times
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I would suggest using an aux input for this, as the code may not react well to pin 18 input. To route a 12V hall signal to a Mega pin, use a diode inline to block high-voltage, only allow grounding by the sensor, and a 5V pullup on the board to create a functional and safe 5V-0V square-wave signal to the processor. A level-shifter. This method has been used on many projects:

SENSOR SIGNAL > DIODE (cathode toward sensor) > 5V pullup > Mega


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