Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
My goal is to run a k24a2 without a chassis, using a makeshift fuel cell (acura TSX fuel pump bolted into a 5 gallon bucket), rsx type s harness, 2004 accord run by cable throttle body, TSX fuse box, battery, and a speeduino. My goal is to simply run the engine (even in limp mode) like in this video:

I would prefer to do this myself instead of purchasing a pnp.

I'm looking into purchasing the Speeduino v0.4.3, an arduino, and an aftermarket rsx type s harness. I'm looking to pin the harness to the speeduino per this video (Note: the video shows a k24a4 not a k24a2):

The forums show old posts of the k series decoder being "finished soon", but I don't see anything in the speeduino manual.

Can somebody help me out? Any tips? Thanks!
By dazq
Be careful in the use of "k series" as this applies to both honda and rover engine types.
There are many running honda engines on here , I wonder if some of the references you found were to the development of the rover pattern which was far more complex.
Good point! I guess for starters, is there a trigger pattern for the Honda/acura k24 platform? I don’t see one in the manual or options in tuner studio. There is one for Honda d17 however.
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