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Honda's Alternator Control is just a PWM based on battery voltage. Using 202402 firmware, the existing WMI output can be used to do PWM but instead of engine load, battery voltage is used instead
Correct, and this has been mentioned several times in the forums. If you have a specific setup or code changes that works well for a specific alternator type, please post it. 8-)
I did not notice this has been posted many times as I just encountered it. I just did a simple programmable output based on battery voltage and it just grounds the output whenever voltage is higher lets say 14V. I just started looking at the code and see what I can do
Cool. 8-) Yes, it's actually simple to do basic alternator regulator control without code change, using Programmable Outputs, setting level of battery voltage x10 to <= desired voltage, and output through an unused HC MOSFET, as one method.

PSIG wrote: Mon Aug 21, 2023 10:29 pmNot to derail the direction, but only to state the simplicity of basic regulation control. Speeduino can regulate the alternator to a target voltage with just an AUX IO output, or other output reconfigured. No need to complicate with a standalone circuit. (or code change)
Other alternator types using PWM, or a form of PID may be a bit more effort, or use a different feature. ;) Again, if you come-up with something that works even better, post it up!
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