Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By Logicaluk
Yes I finally found the time to get the Speeduino back in the car, it worked fine on the bench, but the crank signal seems to have issues in the car, according to the data logs it seems to have been getting a big pulse from somewhere, causing a miss fire.
Crank sensor is a VR through a PSIG conditioner
Can anyone see something I've missed?

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By jonbill
How do you mean a big pulse?
Your TPS is nailed on at 34.5 and your MAP barely gets below 90 and your CLT and IAT are both showing 191.
Have you calibrated your sensors?
How open is the throttle?
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Hi. Short on time so straight to first things - your GammaE is spiking (view in MLV), but not sure of which cause.
  • Your cranking threshold is 750, so it thinks it's cranking under that. Reduce threshold to below any expected running rpm.
  • IAT/MAT is all over. Fix and calibrate that.
  • MAP is consistently high kPa. Fix and calibrate that for correct readings, or if it has ITBs, switch to AN or Blended AN.
  • If the signal conditioner is DSC, your crank sensor polarity may be backwards. Switch wires and take tooth log to see if the 2nd gap signal is reduced.
  • If the signal conditioner is MiniMax-A2, try changing to Rising edge first, then try reversing sensor polarity. Find smallest 2nd gap signal.
Gap trigger - polarity.jpg
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By Logicaluk
The crank and map are the only sensors connected.

I'm running a DSC conditioner, I did switch the sensor polarity but didn't take a log,

Im currently running resistor plugs and leads as I didn't have any non resistor plugs to swap them out, when I installed the VW coil pack.

By big pulse I mean, when I'm watching tuner studio, the rev counter jumps or flicks up high and the engine stumbles.
By Logicaluk
Once again PSIG, thank you.
Note this is set up for monitoring only at the moment. next step is ignition only.

Crank sensor issues turned out to be a broken wire, wired one way it ran with the double pulse in the ignition log. Wired the other, it did nothing.

5V reg replaced and TPS calibrated, temp sensors reset to Bosch, but only MAT connected, no CTL.

I can't get a longer log as the head gasket has gone, so I'm off to pull the head off.

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