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@JHolland - thanks for the reply. The second reason for this project is to further and renew my knowledge of electronics and get into testing components - struggle with this as well, lots to learn at this old age.

Yesterday's road trial was primarily engine timing, no VE changes. Adjusted COP dwell a point or two. Engine tune is coming into focus. Looked at the tables and looked at the 3D maps. The ignition table is looking good, but the VE table is rustic to say the least. Looked at the data log and it confirms where there is VE table tuning to do. Smoothed the table (expect further changes) to get rid of some of the rich feeling swings. Will be testing in the near future. I modified the VE table with the thought that as the engine RPM goes from a low RPM to a higher RPM, the VE table cell values should increase, and when the engine load goes from a low to high load, the VE Table cell values should increase (adjusted the cell values manually - table smoothing still not quite understood).

Here's a pic of the tables in 3D view:
VE-Spark Tables 11 Mar 2024.jpg
VE-Spark Tables 11 Mar 2024.jpg (82.81 KiB) Viewed 304 times
Noticed that the TPS signal is not what I would expect. For example, engine RPM 2800 or so, no TPS signal. Will be investigating.
Continuing with the road trials. Have upgraded the ignition timing (spark) table and working on adjusting it. Ve Table is a work in progress. The interesting aspect of tuning the engine is that I can feel and hear when there is a small misfire. I have noted that when this occurs, it is generally a too rich VE setting. Pull over, adjust the specific cell or just a cell or two around the offending VE cell, back on the road again, try to replicate the scenario and check - same for timing.

The reason for this post is I am seeing an anomaly in MLV at the 3000/3100 RPM range and engine load of 70 kPa. Engine operation is good, probably needs more tweaking. These pictures are from the road trial 16 Mar 2024. This is picture of the MLV trace that appears not too bad:
15 Mar 2024 - Normal.jpg
15 Mar 2024 - Normal.jpg (66.29 KiB) Viewed 209 times
Further review and this happens, RPM stays the same and everything else goes south:
15 Mar 2024 - Wierd.jpg
15 Mar 2024 - Wierd.jpg (76.13 KiB) Viewed 209 times
This is the VE table to match the going south:
MLV VE Table.jpg
MLV VE Table.jpg (89.69 KiB) Viewed 209 times
Still have more tuning to do, but this weirdness is puzzling. This repeats itself on a random basis during the same road trial and from other road trials. Only happens at the 3000/3100 RPM range and 70 kPa. Has not happened at any other combination of RPM/engine load that I have noticed. Any thoughts on this issue? I will be chewing on this as it does not make any sense and considering I'm only adjusting the spark/VE tables.

I timed one incident and it went on for some 6 seconds before correcting itself, and heading north to the 70 kPa engine load range. The MLV graph settings are not what I use, put the data log on MLV this morning just to get the pictures. Question - MLV graph setting "MAT" - is this the IAT reading, think so just want to confirm.

Tune and data log:
(3.34 MiB) Downloaded 8 times
Road trials are progressing well. VE table has been adjusted to what I think is a good representation of what the end product will be. The spark (ignition timing) table is being adjusted as well - spent the afternoon adjusting the spark table, a point at a time. Realize the AFR table cannot be populated until the VE and spark tables are well defined. After the AFR table is defined, can enable the O2 sensor. Fuel consumption appears to be getting much better.

Take a data log for each road trial, but changes are very quick to do, feel most of the issues with timing and VE soon after change(s) are made. Need to do a road trial and just drive, leave settings/adjustments alone to see what has actually been achieved. Tomorrow may be a good day for this road trial.

View the plugs after each road trial, quick and dirty way to assess what is happening. The plugs seem to indicate that the engine tune may be richer than needed, timing indication is pretty good.

Have a three week hiatus coming up, going to be helping sister do some home renovations, a break is always good. Will have a clean data log with no changes for viewing.

Not ready to post a tune and data log of the road trials where changes are made, better to post a clean tune and respective data log.

When reviewing the data logs, look for consistency in the traces, specifically that each trace is linear, not spiking or bouncing around. Indicates to me that the engine tune is coming together.

Spent today and yesterday just riding and logging. Wanted "clean" data logs to compare and analyze. RF is at 6.2 ms. TS calculated 6.4, but I was using a lower RF in the high 5.8 ms range. Want to get to the 6.4 RF calculated value, should be able to. Will be looking at these logs over the next three weeks when I'm at my sister's doing some home renovations. Plugs are being looked at after each trial. Provide some good information.

Here are the tunes and data logs for 1 Apr 2024, and 2 Apr 2024:
(2.07 MiB) Downloaded 4 times
(2.07 MiB) Downloaded 7 times
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