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By ME124
Gushito wrote: Tue Mar 26, 2024 1:37 am
ME124 wrote: Tue Mar 19, 2024 2:20 pm Hi Chris,

sorry for my late reply.
I tried using the base tune like you said.
I also reflashed the firmware a couple of times and tried different versions.

But my problems still are the same.
MAP is without response.
If I change the output pin of my MAP sensor for example to TPS, I get a response to the change in pressure.

The second problem is:
My oxygen sensor is heating up normally, but there's no responsen in the lambda value in Tunerstudio.

Are there some additional settings I missed?
Hello ME124
You need to connect the map sensor to the internal baro pin. I had the same situation and was able to resolve the issue.

Chris, your box, it's the best! I placed an order with jlcpcb and I'm doing tests on my car, I need to add a 4-wire stepper motor, I'm making a parallel PCB with the DRV8825 driver but I don't know if I'll be able to get it to work!
I also have to solve the problem with reading lambda, I can't read anything, I enabled the configuration on pin 49, like in your screenshot, but nothing happens. I am using 202310 fw and v.0.1.2 for the probe.
I also built an oled screen to connect to rx3 and tx3, but nothing happens either, I enabled serial mode in tunerstudio but it doesn't work, maybe I need to readjust the assigned pins? Use of d0 and d1 on nano arduino to oled board.
Can you help me with any of these issues?
Thank you!!
So the issue with MAP is a firmware or user problem? :D

As I said before: The probe is heating, so the CJ125 should work okay, right?

For me it looks like the lambda signal is not getting through.
Is there a way to debug the situation?
By ME124
I've finally figured out why MAP and Lambda weren't working.

Looking at the schematics, MAP becomes AD_MAP and is routed to (ADC5/TMS)PF5 (Pin 92).

In the file init.cpp starting at line 2169 the pin layout is defined.
In line 2187 the internal MAP sensor is defined as pinMAP = A7, which in the schematics is the AD_BARO Pin of the optional MPXH6400AC6T1 sensor.

After setting pinMAP = A5 and pinBaro = A7 it works.

Before changing init.cpp I tried defining the EMAP sensor within Tunerstudio but without success.
Maybe I'm missing something here.

To make Lambda work I had to define the calibration curve of the sensor under Tools>Calibrate AFR Sensor as defined here: ... mbdaCtrl.h

/* Lambda Outputs are defined as follow:
* 0.5V = 0,68 Lambda = 10 AFR (Gasoline)
* 4,5V = 1,36 Lambda = 20 AFR (Gasoline)
* Internal Lambda is used in a range from 68..136

I'm looking forward to installing the ECU in my Yamaha.
Thanks for all your work designing this awesome ECU.

One more thing:
What is the reason for starting with the .msq provided in GitHub?
What are the differences compared to the base tune of SpeedyLoader?
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