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By Blue17
Hi, I have installed Speeduino V04 on a 4 cylinder engine running ITB's. The car runs fine except under high loads - when I look at the log the Injector PW is erratic. I am using 60-2 crank sensor, wasted spark, 2 squirts . The TPS is used for load. Initially though RF was too small - I have increased it to 12ms but still does the same. I have attached the log and the tune. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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By JHolland
2023 10 seems to be unstable at higher rpm on higher tooth count triggers, I haven't investigated this but I suspect it is related to the 1ms tick and the higher ADC sample rates so you may need an earlier version than that.
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By jonbill
I'm pretty sure the problem is your 2nd fuel table. I'd guess pin 48 is floating and so you're randomly switching between tables. table 2 has progressively relatively smaller values the higher the load goes.
what is intended with that 2nd fuel table setup?
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By Blue17
I have a fuel cell which I use E95 and a tank selector valve to switch between the pump tank and fuel cell. I use one map for the pump fuel and the other for ethanol. I have configured pin 48 to switch to 2nd fuel table as in the attached pic. I have enabled the pull up resistor so pin 48 should not be floating.
I have also configured pin 48 to also switch the second spark table - will this be a problem if they both use the same input pin 48 ?
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By jonbill
you're right, it shouldn't be floating, but both VE and Advance tables are switching constantly. what state should the switch be in in this log? what happens if you switch to the other state? is that stable?
how is the switch done? is it a manual switch?
I may be wrong (I've never done either of these things!) but you might be able to log pin 48 if you configure it as an aux in - maybe it would show the changing (or otherwise) state of the switch.
By Blue17
This is my first Speeduino build so i also have not done this before. The switching is done manually.
What you say and shown in your pic makes a lot of sense. That's a good idea - will try to log pin 48 to see what is going on. Thank you.

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