Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
Update: I realized the primary 12v supply to Speeduino was disconnected so I guess the 4v reading was coming through sensor(s). That is nice to get past plus during troubleshooting I cleaned up some grounds by separating some noisy grounds and sensor grounds using more star point style. I also realized the fuel had gone bad since it sat for months so I am draining that. The wideband O2 is reconnected so I will time, tune, road test and eventually refresh PR.
Sidenote (for myself too) compared to Jeep2000 decoders, currently PR #931:
*only for 4cyl
*compatible with sequential ignition (if upgraded to Coil Per Plug) and port injection, therefore also works with paired, single output etc.
*removed some effects from TS settings such as + configPage4.triggerAngle from multiple entries
*removed value for TS trigger filtering since doesn't work for varying gap patterns
*added values for sequential such as revolutions and tracking all teeth for 720 similar to dual wheel
*changed tooth angles to use falling edge to match more with cam angle (ex. falling 296 instead of rising 294 because cam rises on 236, probably same results but felt better have dividends of 60 instead of 58)
*includes equivalent noise filtering from PR #913 that only allows secondary trigger when primary tooth count is completed rotation and more filtering work to account for vary gaps on primary trigger
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