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By ISphynx
Soooo this is my first speeduino and I kinda messed up my speeduino pcb my using small pliers (i didnt have desoldering wick but now I ordered some) to remove some arduino pins because I put them on the wrong side... and apparently i cutted it too deep and now some of the pcb's insides are exposed.

I tought about resoldering the pins on the right side then smearing the connections with liquid electrical tape but i'm not sure if this will really fix it since I dont know what the grey stuff is.

Is there a way I could fix this or is this pcb completly broken ? Also, Is the grey stuff conductive ?
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By jonbill
It's probably recoverable. Take a look at the schematics and renders for your board on GitHub
And you should be able to work out where the conductive trace for each damaged hole goes, and use your multimeter to check if there is still connection between the two points. If there isn't you can run a wire between the two points (attached to the component legs).
I did something similar on my first one.
Quite a few of your other solder joints look like they need more solder too.

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