Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By SpotTheDogg
Hi everyone, I am feeling a mix of confident in my plans and out of my comfort zone in the execution of said plans.
I am converting my 1990 Honda VTR250 race bike to EFI with a NO2C VD1 and am in the adding firmware phase. I am trying to understand where a base tune is for the NO2C board... When I installed the firmware on the Mega 2560 I used the stock base tune for 202310 and I am pretty sure it was wrong because it said for V0.4 board.

Thanks for any input
By SpotTheDogg
Thanks folks, I will dig more on the setup over the weekend. It was when I was first setting up the connection that I didn’t see NO2C in the available boards list.

By SpotTheDogg
LPG2CV wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 7:51 pm The board selection is a drop down list :)
Yes, but the list only seemed to have the Stock Base tune I listed in my question and a bunch of MX5/Miata ones. This was at the point I was putting firmware on the Arduino with Speedy loader
So reading through the topic again, you have sorted out the board selection. :) Regarding the tune, there are only a Base and MX5 tunes available. You don't load a dedicated tune for a board, you need to use the base tune, configure it, and then tune it. The base tune is just there to get you stared. :)

Don't forget to calibrate the sensors.
By SpotTheDogg
Yes, thank you. I’ve gone back in to Tuner Studio and put in some of the values I know in Engine Constants and set board to NO2C. The bike is in pieces, including the engine, so I won’t be doing much more for a little while. I feel more comfortable with my understanding so far, thanks again.
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