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By jonbill
@lpg2cv - I'd guess not related to the 02 calibration issue - the fix looks quite specific to the 02 calibration, and it looks (to my not at all thorough look at the code) like the MAP calibration is just two values - min and max and it's linear between those points (and stored in the tune). But will be good to hear what @noisymime says.

also - I'm pretty sure the 02 calibration problem is specific to 202305 - 202207.2 should be fine too.
By njking25
Hi Guys, been several months since i last updated this. Finally had some time and money to invest into this project again. I got an aem afr sensor, and a better quality map sensor. With the new map sensor the bike was finally able to start again and my map value stopped going up on its own. I was able to get the bike started again, but i noticed some things. It only starts when i spray starter fluid into the intake and the bike quickly dies afterwards. I also noticed it back fires a lot.
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There are many things that could cause a no-start, but all of them relate to correct quantity and timing of air, fuel and spark. Hook it all up, start a log, try to start the engine without, and then with, starting fluid. Stop and save the log. Post your log file of the starting attempts, and the tune file used when taking the log.
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the file in attached

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