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By mariobernalvaras
Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar melodias o tablas para un motor 6 en linea viejo, es para un nissan patrol 1978, ya instale toda la inyeccion, encendiddo , sensores, todo, pero ahora estoy barado para configurar las tablas, es mi primera vez, tiene sensor de CKP,IAT,CLT,TPS, WIDEBAND, y bobinas independientes por cilindro.
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Nicely done! 8-) Follow the Wiki for setup, engine constants, calibration, generating VE table in TunerStudio, set ignition timing table to approximately stock timing curve (perhaps 10°BTC at target idle, ramping to 36°ATC at 3000 rpm, all MAP) and set your coil dwell and injector dead-time. Check timing with timing light for Trigger Angle and each coil firing. Turn off all extra features - WBO2 disabled (it will still read and display), flat-line corrections or disable, all except injector dead-time and coil dwell. Review every setting you can find for either correct or disabled.

Start the engine. Use Req_fuel if necessary to enrich/enlean to maintain running until warmed. Tune warm idle at target idle rpm for minimum MAP you can achieve with fueling. Repeat at higher speeds and loads. Post your progress for next steps. 8-)

Example of classic Ford 200-250 ci I6 first-start UNTUNED timing wedge table. The table develops as you tune:

Example of the same table with part-throttle MAP timing compensation of 12° tapered from 16 to 80 kPa, in order to reduce retarded hot timing until tuned. Choose which example to begin with, but this one will allow more fuel tuning before ignition tuning is required. ONLY AN EXAMPLE and MUST be tuned:

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