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Hi guys im working in a project and for some reason when i am running the car (setup is 93 honda civic d16z6 engine with an ss obd1
Plug and play adapter from dcwerx) it wont read any map sensor ive had wired to the board from a mpx4250a to a gm3bar to a sainless aem 3.5bar sensor nine will read and it will run super pig rich ie. 9.5 to 1 on the aem x series wideband. Big weirdness is that when i give it gas the map sensor gauge will move with the tps gauge. So i was wondering if there is any way i can wire in my input somewere else i see in tunerstudio is has an emap setting and i xan configure it but it offers inputs as a0 a1 ect and i dont know were to locate those on this board as there is no proto area. Thanks in advance.
Please verify you have done:
  • Select your PCB in Settings > Engine Constants > Board Layout & BURN
  • Select your sensor in Tools > Calibrate Pressure Sensors > MAP Sensor & BURN
  • Verify both the correct board and correct sensor terminals to connect (some boards place the MAP upside-down)
You can also verify your input is working after doing all of the above. Test input terminal (MAP pin 1 or Mega2560 pin A3) function by jumping 3.3V (from Mega board 3.3V pin) to the MAP input, in order to generate mid-range kPa reading.

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